Dear Mister Bezos

INVITATION TO JEFF BEZOS to invest in R’dam Zuid, to invest in people, the people that need it most ❤

Dear Mister Bezos,

In The Netherlands you are getting bad press. I am here to give you good press.

Many people take offense because our national heritage site De Hef in Rotterdam needs to be dismantled for your superyacht. You may not be aware that Rotterdam was destroyed in the Second World War, so we are very protective of the few things dat did survive the 1940 bombings. 

Also, your luxurious superyacht will sail past the most poverty stricken part of The Netherlands, Rotterdam Zuid. Your wealth in stark contrast to their despair, not a pretty picture.

Let’s narrow the gap a bit.

I myself have invested 1.5M€ in enterprises to create paid jobs for Rotterdam Zuid and I invite you to do the same. With your investment you will show the people of The Netherlands that you also invest in them, in those who need it most.

I would appreciate an invite to fly over and show you the results of my 1.5M€ investment in Ondernemershuis-op-Zuid. 
My own ship is situated at the base of De Hef in case you prefer to talk business and social impact where we want it to happen.

You may even consider opening up an Amazon distribution centre in Rotterdam, for after all, we are known for our work ethic and our fantastic port.

Looking forward to hearing from you,