Dear Mister Bezos, let’s have a lunch.

On February 6 I invited you to invest in Rotterdam Zuid, The Netherlands. From now on I will send you an update every week, to show you that your money will be well-invested. Your investment will render both return-on-investment ánd substantial social impact.

With Covid-restrictions gone companies are again planning incompany lunch meetings.
Oopz sees an opportunity in combination with the big shortage on the labour market (retaurants with limited opening days due to a shortage of personnel). 
We have access to a lot of people that are really eager to take the extra opportunity they need to get them selves back on track with a paid job.
So those we coach and guide on the job, by catering lunch for companies.

We call it the LUNCH BUNCH and we are off to a flying start, with young entrepreneur Robin as the driver behind its success. This way we generate employment where poverty is most dire.

LunchBunch flies!

Mr Bezos, we invite you for lunch.

Warm regards,