Dear Mister Bezos

On February 6 I invited you to invest in Rotterdam Zuid, The Netherlands (

From now on I will send you an update every week, to show you that your money will be well-invested. Your investment will render both return-on-investment ánd substantial social impact.

Last week Ondernemershuis-op-Zuid, Oopz for short, launched its next startup: GridNow.

GridNow is an energy consultant for dynamic use of electricity grids, solar power and storage, to optimise financial expenses and to contribute to global sustainability ( 

Oopz started GridNow with three partners: Abdullah, Faisal and Steven. Abdullah and Faisal, who started a solar panel company 3 years ago and has now 30 employees, partner up with phenomenal technical wizz Steven. 

All three have a solid head for business and a heart of gold.In that combination we have trust. 

Warm regards,